T & Cs

  1. Developer will be working from India office based at 204 B1 Palladium Corporate Road, Makarba Ahmedabad 380051 India
  2. Developers will be involved in task involving PHP Programming, Magento Ecommerce system, WordPress, Laravel, PSD to HTML, JS, iPhone and Android Apps development.
  3. All our developers operate from a single office in India. We don’t outsource any development work to freelancers or any external resources.
  4. Web Development Team and Project Managers will be from 10 am to 7 pm Indian Standard Time Monday to Friday.
  5. Web and Mobile App Developers will work for 8 hours each working day.
  6. For Fixed Projects, we need clear documented functionality scope and design files to work out and agree on fixed time and cost.
  7. For Dedicated Developer Hiring, Client needs to allocate tasks through email or any task management system such as JIRA or Basecamp.
  8. Developers will update client through task management system once the task has been done and ready for review or they will send link to staging server by email.
  9. Client should clarify the scope and confirm the understanding with developer before beginning task.
  10. Client can communicate with developer or Project Managers by Skype or email.
  11. We request client to spend minimum time with our development team including Senior Project Managers and Tech leads on Skype and only schedule meeting when necessary so that they can focus on completing tasks on priority and don’t end up spending more time on unnecessary Skype talks.
  12. Most of our development such as fixed cost projects will be developed on our staging server first and link will be shared once we reach development milestones as agreed.
  13. In Dedicated hiring model, Client should provide development environment with necessary login access and repository systems (if they use)
  14. Any issues with developer skills or performance need to be escalated with N23 Web Agency management at earliest.
  15. If client thinks that time taken by developer is not justified, they should report it within 2 working days once the task is updated to the client. Our management will review the case and respond back to client as per our findings.
  16. Payments in fixed projects is split based on size of the project. It’s usually 50% advance and 50% on completion.
  17. Advance Payment is required before the start of fixed cost web or mobile app project.
  18. Files will only be moved from our staging server onto client server on settlement of final bill and after payment is reflected in our bank account.
  19. For Dedicated Developer hiring, Payment is taken in advance before the 1st day of each month.
  20. Client should ensure that payment is received in N23 account as per agreed terms.
  21. We should get payments in our account within 7 working days after the invoice has been generated.
  22. Delay in payment may result in suspension of service and developer will not be available for client till the payments are cleared. No files will be transferred to client server if we do not receive payments as per agreed terms.
  23. Irregular payments may also result in moving developer onto another client project and same developer may not become available as per client preference.
  24. National Holidays will be notified a month in advance.
  25. Clients should keep in mind the working hours of team and not force them to sit long hours unnecessarily. We understand some urgent situations however if we get repeated late night assignments, we will not force our team to stay late nights.
  26. Our team will strictly adhere to agreed scope of work. Any assumptions and risks should be clearly mentioned to us upfront.
  27. We will not tolerate arguments in Change Requests if the task was not mentioned in the scope document. Arguments like ‘this should be assumed as project scope’ will not be accepted. We request client to be very clear with minute details upfront so that there are no conflicting situations at later stages.
  28. Change Requests are charged at our standard development hourly rate. If the scope of work is clear, we will agree on fixed cost but when we are not sure about the time it’s going to take it will be billed on the actual amount of time spent.
  29. Sick leaves will be notified by any team member at N23. If we have developer available to fill up the gap, we will consult with client and make necessary arrangement based on our team’s status.
  30. Client will be billed based on number of working days per month.
  31. For extra hours spent client will be billed as per the hourly rate agreed. The extra hour’s bill has to be settled within 7 days of invoice date.
  32. It will be client’s responsibility to allocate tasks to developers. If client doesn’t provide tasks and developer has nothing to do, then this situation will not affect monthly billing.
  33. Unused hours will not be carried forward for following month.
  34. If client wants to terminate contract, they will need to notify N23 management 10 working days in advance and vice versa.