Frequently asked questions

Who is N23 Web Agency?

We are an expert and experienced team of Business Directorates, Project Managers, Team Leaders & Web Programmers that have been in the digital industry for over 8 years. We have worked with top class digital agencies from around the world.

Who do you work with?

N23 Web Agency partners with some of the leading creative digital web design agencies from across the globe. We work as white labelled partners focused purely on technical code development. We also work with retailers and businesses that have CMS and Ecommerce websites or mobile apps.

Do you sign NDA – Confidentiality Agreement?

Yes. We are happy to agree on confidentiality terms assuring that we don’t work directly with your end customers, keep all the project information extremely confidential and will transfer over the entire code to your server. Our clients keep complete ownership of project which is also one reason why we don’t display our portfolio on our website.

Where are you based?

We are based in one of the historical cities of India called Ahmedabad which is on the western side of our country. We have international airport so if you think to travel to our office, you will find good hotels and transport services.

What are your working hours?

Since we are based in India, our development team is available during Indian Standard Time day time from 9 am to 7.30 pm. Based on the location of our clients we allocate different timing for each team members. Our business developers, project managers and team leaders work till late evening hours around 9.30 pm for meeting and discussing projects with clients from US, UK and other European countries. We work from Monday to Friday.

What are your rates?

Our rates depend on project scope, technology, experience and skills of developers. If you want to get quote for a project or want to know hourly rates, please contact us on Skype or drop an email.

What is your project turnaround time?

This would vary depending on current availability of team, size of the project, customization required and development technology. A straight forward PSD to HTML can be done in max 1 day or less. Magento or WordPress website with no customization can be done in around 5 to 10 working days. We prefer to check the scope of work (designs and functionality document) before committing to time and cost for delivery. We will let you know expected timeline for start and end of the project.

How do I get quote from you?

You can send us your project details through our contact form on our website, send us an email at or get in touch on our Skype (n23webagency). Our team will analyse the details you have shared with us, we will clarify any doubts we have by email or Skype call and confirm back scope of work with our understanding by email.

How soon can you get back to us with quote?

We aim to respond back on the same day. However, there may be delay when our team is too busy or the project scope needs input from our programmers and require further technical research to check the feasibility.  We also need few days’ time to work out flow charts and complete technical document that can detail list of tasks we would undertake, time required to complete them and cost. You will get documented technical and commercial proposal document from us.

How do I make payments to you?

We accept PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer or

Our invoice copy will include all our account information which you can use to transfer funds to us. Our bank is located in India. For urgent projects, you can send us payment by PayPal. Bank transfers can take around 3 to 10 working days.

Are there any extra taxes or costs to pay?

There won’t be any additional tax to be paid when you make payments to us. For PayPal payments, there will be additional 5% transaction charge of total invoice amount to be paid. When doing bank transfer, the transaction charge of the bank has to be paid by client.

Do you give any warranty?

Yes. There is a bug fixing warranty 2 months. When we deliver the files to your or make project live for you on your server, from that period till 2 months we will resolve any bugs that you bring to our notice as long as they were part of the original scope that you agreed with us. Reporting issues after 2 months or bringing issues that are out of scope will be charged as change request.

Do you have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team?

We have dedicated Quality Checking staff that are trained in complete functional testing and interface (designs) testing. We will document and enter the bugs found in our QA in JIRA project management system case by case. We have proper infrastructure to ensure that our quality process follows the best practice and our clients are delivered pixel perfect, well configured and fully tested web projects.

Do your developers / project managers / team leaders speak English?

Fluent English communication skills is our unique selling point. We have invested time and money in English training for our team that include our technical developers and other production staff. They are groomed to give you friendly customer services in English. You can communicate with them by phone, Skype or email.

Will there be a single point of Contact during project development? Who would I be speaking with on day to day basis?

Your single point of contact will be our Technical Director or Project Manager depending on project size, technology and its complexity. Our senior staff is highly experienced in business analysis, scoping out project documents, planning delivery and controlling the entire project from start to finish. You can be in touch with them by Skype or email on daily basis.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Skype is our most preferred method of communication. We are mostly available on it during early morning and late evening India time to cover critical business hours in UK, US and Australia. You can also send us email. We have UK and US local numbers connected in our office and gets diverted to our local mobile phones when we are not in the office. We will try our best to give you quick response.

What tools or systems do you use for Project/task management?

Internally we use JIRA. Our team has experience of working with systems like Basecamp, Teamwork, Trello etc. It’s up to our client. We are flexible to adopt and work as per client requirement.

How do you charge and manage further changes in the project?

As long as we have complete understanding of scope for change request, we will prefer to agree on time and cost upfront. If there are uncertainties and our team cannot commit to time, our cost will be calculated on time taken basis at our hourly rate. Working on change requests may sometimes be delayed if our team is occupied on other projects.

Do you take advance deposit?

Yes. There will be advance payment required for each project before we start development. Normally it’s 50% on start and 50% on completion however it may vary depending on the size of the project. Final code will only be transferred once we have full payments in our accounts

How can you do faster delivery of project? What if I have an urgent project or task?

We have good in-house team strength to cover any urgent project requirements. Depending on project priorities we can shuffle across our developers. We can also have multiple team members working on project which can shorten overall project timeline. Let us know in advance and we will confirm back whether we have availability in our team to take up urgent project requirement.

For any further queries contact us on Skype or email us at