A success of an Ecommerce website depends a lot on the quality of product images used in it. They need to be clear, realistic, graphically attractive and optimised.

Some of the top performing Ecommerce websites provide customers with best quality product photographs that can be easily zoomed in so that customers can check the details. Unlike a real shop where a customer can hold and feel the product, Ecommerce websites product images play a crucial role in encouraging and giving customer a confidence to go ahead and place the order.

Magento has a large share of Ecommerce websites and with Magento 2 now getting widely used, we are bringing you here with the list of top product image zoom extensions (paid and free).

Magic Zoom Plus

This is one of the most popular and by far the best Magento 2 product zoom extension. It’s simply easy to use and very smooth that buyers enjoy playing with its product zoom viewer.

Magic Zoom Plus works flawlessly across mobile devices. It’s custom functionality and touch gestures helps users to check the product images in detail regardless of the mobile device they are using

Key features:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Retina Support and fully responsive
  • Settings to further customize
  • SEO friendly
  • Fast loading speed
  • Regular updates

Free Quick Cloud Zoom

This a free Magento product zoom extension which replaces the normal Magento 2 gallery of images by cloudZoom widget. This helps buyers to get a zoom view by simple mouse hover on the product image.

A key feature here is that admin has an option in the backend to either allow the Cloud Zoom view or Magento 2 default zoom.

FME Product Image Zoom for Magento 2

This is a fantastic product zoom extension for Magento 2 that helps users to get a detailed view of the products. A customer gets choice to see magnified view of product images in nine unique modes along with an enlarged full-screen preview in a lightbox.

There are options to customize further where admin can set custom rules for lightbox and image magnification, allow product zoom on specific categories and products and configure zoom function settings for mobile view.

Key features:

  • Options to view zoomed image in a lightbox and magnifier
  • Options to set zoom functionality for specific categories and products
  • Extensive customisation settings along with multiple modes of magnifier
  • Exclusive settings for responsive Mobile View
  • Restrict product image Zoom by Customer Groups and Store Views
  • Extensive settings for Image Zoom in a Lightbox


Ulmod Magento 2 Product Zoom Pro

Another great product zoom extension for Magento 2 that includes bunch of excellent zoom features especially capable for viewing high-resolution images interactively.

  • 3 separate zoom view options: lens, inner and Window zoom
  • Lightbox that can expand, close, pause and play gallery
  • Carousel for thumbnails settings to change position, scroll, paginate, allow on mouseover or click and many more effects.
  • Supports Vimeo and Youtube videos
  • Category page has window and inner zoom available
  • Admin panel with several settings for further customisation
  • Hassle free and easy installation and configuration.
  • Supported on all major browsers, stores, multisite and store views.


Swissuplabs M2 Lightbox Pro

Magento 2 Light box Pro product zoom extension by Swissuplabs is primarily built to enhance user experience as it’s an important factor performance improvement.

Key features

  • Easily customise product view in popup light box
  • Configurable product and thumbnail images
  • Different popup types
  • Lens view for zooming
  • bespoke widget for gallery settings
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